Legal Aid Scheme

The policy objectives of the Legal Aid Scheme have remained the same.  They are derived from Article 294 of the Constitution and the Legal Aid Scheme Act, 1997 (Act 542).

The Objectives of the Scheme as derived from the Act and the Statement are:

 1.  To provide legal assistance to any person for purposes of enforcing any provision of the Constitution and in connection with any proceedings relating to the Constitution if the person has reasonable grounds for taking or defending, prosecuting or being a party to the proceedings.

 2.  To provide legal assistance to any person if he earns the Government minimum wage or  less, and desires legal representation in any;

  • Criminal matter.
  • Civil matters relating to landlords or tenant, insurance, inheritance with particular reference to the Intestate Succession law, 1985 (PNDC Law 42).
  •  Maintenance of children and such other civil matters as may from time to time be prescribed by parliament, or

3.   If, in the opinion of the Scheme, the person requires legal aid. it is noted that the scope of legal aid delivery, according to the Constitution and Act 542, is a representation by a lawyer including all such assistance as is given by a lawyer, in the steps preliminary or incidental to any proceeding or arriving at or giving effect to a compromise, to avoid or bring an end to any proceedings.  It is the responsibility of the Scheme to find suitable lawyers and to make their services available to all persons in respect to the statutory and constitutional provisions.