French Ambassador pays courtesy call on AG

French Ambassador to Ghana & Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Ghana

The French Ambassador to Ghana, Mr. Francois Pujolas, has expressed optimism that the new government in place will succeed.  He said this when he paid a courtesy call to the Attorney General and Minister for Justice on 4th March 2017.

The French ambassador revealed that his country has a policy of helping the Public Service of Ghana, with the learning of the French language. He said he will be happy to extend the service to the Attorney General’s Department and Ministry for Justice.

He again spoke on the operations of Air France in Ghana; suggesting that Air France’s operations in Ghana will further promote the exchange of trade, culture and tourism and further deepen diplomatic ties between the two countries.

Mr. Pujolas also enquired from the AG, Ghana’s chances of winning the Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire boundary dispute and about Ghana’s stance on the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Responding to the ambassadors comments the AG, welcomed the opportunity for staff of the Attorney General’s Department to benefit from the language program. She also welcomed the operations of Air France in Ghana hoping that Air France had come to stay.

On the issue of the Ghana Cote d’Ivoire maritime border dispute, she noted that Ghana had evidence to show that it has kept to its maritime boundaries for over 50 years in all its transactions.

The Ghanaian team in its submission; she said, were seeking the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) to confirm that.

She said the panel of judges had told them that the rendering of the decision will be by the end of September, 2017.

The AG also said she was not aware of a change in policy towards the ICC by Ghana. Indeed, Ghana, she noted has actively supported the nomination of Mrs. Henrietta Mensa Bonsu as a judge to the ICC.

The French Ambassador hinted that the government of France will be willing to assist in the setting up of the office. He also wanted to know how government was going to solve the issue of constitutionality that was being cited by the Minority in Parliament as an impediment to the establishment of the office.

The AG acknowledged the concern of the Ambassador but pointed out that would not be a problem as the office will be set up by an Act of Parliament.

The AG briefed the French Ambassador on the on-going Legal and Justice Sector reform, and welcomed any assistance from the French government. The AG said the initiative was multi-sectoral involving government institutions in improving the delivery of justice in Ghana.

The AG appreciated the French Ambassador for his visit.