Economic and Organised Crime Office

The necessity for the establishment of the Economic and Organised Crime Office is based on the fact that with the increasing sophistication of society, complex frauds and economic crimes cannot be adequately detected, investigated and prosecuted by the traditional mechanism of the existing law.

The responsibility of fraud and corruption control could no longer be put on the police and other quasi anti-crime organizations alone.  A specialized body, charged with the sole onus of economic crime prevention, detection, investigation and prosecutions was the answer to the challenge.

The Economic and Organised Crime Office as a specialized agency to monitor and investigate economic and organized crime and on the authority of the Attorney-General prosecute these offences to recover the proceeds of crime and provide for related matters.


The objects of the Office are to

  1. Prevent and detect organized crime, and
  2. Generally to facilitate the confiscation of the proceeds of crime.


The functions of the Office are to;

  1. aInvestigate and on the authority of the Attorney-General prosecute serious offences that involve financial or economic loss to the Republic or any State entity or institution in which the State has financial interest;

  2. Money laundering
  3. Human trafficking
  4. Prohibited cyber activity
  5. Tax fraud, and
  6. Other serious offences


Recover the proceeds of crime;


Monitor activities connected with the offences specified in paragrap (a) to detect correlative crimes;


Make reasonable measures necessary to prevent the commission of crimes specified in paragraph (a) and their correlative offences;


Disseminate information gathered in the course of investigation to law enforcement agencies, other appropriate public agencies and other persons the Office considers appropriate in connection with the offences specified in paragraph (a);


Co-operate with relevant foreign or international agencies in furtherance of this Act; and



Perform any other functions connected with the objects of the Office.