Council for Law Reporting

The Council for Law Reporting is a statutory body established under the Council for Law Reporting Decree, 1972 (NRCD 64) as amended by PNDC Laws 194 and 234.

The Council is administered by a Board, chaired by a Supreme Court Judge nominated by the Chief Justice, and six other members including the Editor of the Ghana Law Reports, the Chief Executive Officer of the Council appointed by the Government for a three-year term.

Since its inception, the Council has been able to publish the Ghana Law Reports for the period 1959-1968, 1971-2005 and the Review of Ghana Law for the years 1969 to 2000.  The Council is currently working simultaneously on the Ghana Law Reports for [2006-2007] and [2008-2009].  The preparation of the 2001-2005 and 2005-2010 Review of Ghana Law are far advanced, and the Council hopes would be camera ready for printing by the middle of the year.


The vision statement for Council for Law Reporting is to produce high quality Ghana Law Reports and Review of Ghana Law that the Council will gain the reputation of pacesetters in law reporting in the sub-region.


To ensure the speedy and efficient publication of the Ghana Law Reports and provide a forum for the critical analysis and discussion of relevant legal issues, through the Review of Ghana.


The core business of the Council is the preparation and Publication of the Ghana Law Reports (GLR) – the official Law Reports of Ghana; containing selected judgments, rulings and opinions of the Superior Courts in Ghana.

The Council also publishes the Review of Ghana Law (RGL) containing well researched and learned articles, comments, and critiques of both the academic and practical aspects of the law, examining the policy justification of legislation some judgments of the courts and subjecting them to critical analysis with a view to developing the law in the light of the changing social, economic and political life and conditions in Ghana.

The publications of the Council are therefore prerequisites for the effective functioning of the Judiciary and all the administrative and traditional tribunals in the country and the legal profession generally.


Under license by the Council, two Ghanaian companies, Easiware and DataCenta have published Electronic copies of the Ghana Law Reports for sale to the general public.  The Council has also granted license to Butterworths, South Africa to produce combined electronic copies of the Ghana Law Reports and the All England Law Reports for sale.