Copyright Office

The Copyright Office is the Government Agency responsible for the implementation of the copyright and related statutes and regulations.  The office was established in 1985, pursuant to the copyright law (1985) PNDC Law 110.  PNDC Law 110 has been repealed and replaced with the copyright Act (2005), Act 690.

The Copyright Office performs the following statutory functions in line with section 66 of the Copyright Act.

1. It is responsible for the administration of the copyright.

2. In pursuance of its objectives the Copyright Office performs the following functions;

  • Implements Copyright and Copyright related laws and regulations and provide for Copyright administration.
  • Investigates and redresses cases of infringement of Copyright and settle disputes where these disputes have not been reserved for settlement by the Copyright tribunal.
  • Responsible for the administration of external copyright relations.
  • Administers Copyright of which the state is owner.
  • Carries out other duties in relation to Copyright administration.
  • Registers Copyright works, productions, publications and associations.
  • Organizes seminars, conferences and workshops to educate the general populace and Copyright owners in particular on their rights and obligations under the Law.


The policy of the Copyright Office of Ghana is to ensure that authors and owners of works specified in the copyright Act, Act 690 obtain maximum benefits from their creativity and investments.

The Copyright Office is also determined to assist the stakeholders to meet current and new challenges including protection, preservation, conservation and dissemination of copyrights and expressions of folklore.  In addition, its policy includes ensuring harmony and co-operation among stakeholders within in the copyright sectors, and with regional and international copyright institutions.

Another important policy of the office is to educate the public on the use of copyright works which have fallen into the public domain and how they can be exploited in the general development and advancement of the nation.

In Ghana, the copyright industries, among others include the composers, actresses/actors, film’s producers/directors, music producers, promoters, authors of textbooks/fiction, broadcasting; derivative works; etc.  It is the committed aim of the Copyright Office to continuously play its role locally and internationally through its continuous membership of the World Intellectual Property Organization [WIPO], its compliance with the TRIPS Agreement and similar bodies to ensure that international trade in goods and services of the copyright’s sector are allowed to flourish.