British Ambassador pays courtesy call on Ag.

British High Commissioner to Ghana & Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Ghana

The British High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin and the British Special Envoy for Trade, Adam Afriyie, (MP Windsor) paid a courtesy call on the Attorney General (AG) and Minister for Justice on 4th March 2016.

The British High Commissioner to Ghana, congratulated the AG, Ms. Gloria Akuffo for her appointment as the AG.

Discussions between the AG and the British High Commissioner bordered on Commerce, Prisoner Transfer and The Office of the Special Prosecutor.

On the issue of trade, the High Commissioner stated that the British government is seeking an amicable resolution between a British company known as International Hospital Group (IHG) and government.

He said the issue is about disagreement over value of work done, which he said has led to the delay of the completion of the Police hospital which started in 2003.

The AG in response noted that even though her predecessor was at the fore of negotiations, she thought the issue should rather be under the purview of the Ministry of Interior.

On the issue of the Prisoner Transfer Agreement between the two countries. The British High Commissioner, wanted to know if a British citizen on death row in Ghana who had served a ten-year sentence on death row could be commuted to life imprisonment.

The AG said it was possible and that a committee was being set up to handle the agreement between Ghana and the United Kingdom on the Prisoner Transfer Agreement signed in 2016.

The British High Commissioner touched on the Office of the Special Prosecutor and suggested the British government could assist with technical expertise not necessarily coming from the UK but other Commonwealth countries that have established the Office of the Special Prosecutor.

The AG welcomed the assistance and expressed appreciation to the British High Commissioner for the visit.

Present also at the meeting was The Minister of The Interior, Hon. Ambrose Dery (MP) and heads of Divisions and Directorate of the ministry.