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  • 07 November 2023
  • 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


  • Ghana

The Office of the Attorney-General and Ministry of Justice is pleased to announce the upcoming National Multi-Stakeholder Workshop, aimed at advancing the effective implementation and monitoring of recommendations accepted by Ghana under the 4th UN Universal Periodic Review (UPR) cycle.

The UPR is a fundamental mechanism established by the United Nations to evaluate the human rights records of all Member States. Ghana being a UN Member State, has undergone this comprehensive review process four times since 2008.

After Ghana’s 3rd UPR cycle, it took a proactive step in establishing the National Human Rights Mechanism for Reporting and Follow-Up Meeting (NMRF) to document and evaluate human rights violations in the country.

In preparation for the 4th cycle review, a collaborative effort between the State and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) was initiated to solicit input from CSOs to create a comprehensive National Report, emphasizing the commitment to promoting and protecting the fundamental human rights of all citizens.

Ghana’s recent review session in Geneva in January 2023, led by the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Hon. Godfred Yeboah Dame, resulted in the acceptance of 268 out of 298 recommendations, with a focus on Women and Children’s Rights, Disability Rights, Sexual Minority Rights, and Access to Justice, among others.

In light of the accepted recommendations, it has become clear that all stakeholders must collaborate to ensure the protection and promotion of fundamental human rights.

It is in this regard that a two-day multi-stakeholder workshop has been scheduled for 6th to 8th November, 2023 by the Ministry and POS Foundation to bring together representatives from Government bodies (Ministries, Departments, and Agencies) and CSOs to develop an Implementation Plan for the effective implementation of the supported UPR recommendations by Ghana.

It is expected that there will be increased awareness of the UPR among all stakeholders, the creation of a National Implementation Plan by relevant State Bodies, the recognition of CSOs as key stakeholders in the implementation process, and the strengthening of collaboration between Ghana and its CSOs.

The Office of the Attorney-General and Ministry of Justice is proud to lead this important initiative in partnership with various stakeholders, demonstrating our commitment to upholding human rights, equality, and the rule of law.

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