Research, Statistics & Information Management (RSIM)

The function of the Research, Statistics and Information and Management (RSIM) is to create and maintain a databank of information on the sector for policy formulation and decision-making through the collection and analysis of data, research and documentation.

Research and Statistics


The Directorate carries out research and statistical studies to monitor and evaluate impact of sectoral policies and programmes.

Management Information System

The Directorate promotes the use of Management Information Systems and Information Communication and Technology System for a quicker transformation of the operations and business of the Ministry and its sector agencies and enterprises.

Synthesize the results of research conducted by research and academic institutions and non-governmental organizations etc for input into policy.


• The Unit projects the image of the Ministry both within and outside the country by disseminating information through its Public Relations and Information Unit on government policies, activities and procedures and provides feedback information to the government and the general public on the impact of government policies and the general performance of the sector.

• Developing, implements and reviews communication strategies for the Ministry. Ensures that the details of the Ministry’s activities are communicated appropriately to all relevant offices and the wider public.

• Researches and evaluate complaints, enquiries and reactions from the public on the Ministry’s activities and responds appropriately. Prepares and supervises the production of publicity brochures, hand-outs, photographs, films and multimedia programmes.

• Organises special events such as press conferences, exhibitions, open days and tours. In collaboration with the MIS Unit maintains and updates information on the Ministry’s website.

• Uses appropriate methods to maintain and identify, name and reputation of the Ministry. Prepares mid-year and annual reports on the activities of the unit.