This Directorate is responsible for the development of comprehensive and sustainable legal policies, plans, programmes and resource flow to the sector in collaboration with relevant stakeholders.


It caters for the design, budgeting and application of monitoring
and evaluation systems for purposes of assessing the operational
effectiveness of the Ministry, its implementing departments and agencies as well as the activities of other key stakeholders in meeting the sector’s short, medium and long-term objectives and targets.

Policy Planning Unit

The functions of the Policy Planning Unit are indicated below:

• Study and review all existing government policies relating to the Ministry and its Agencies and the entire sector.

• Educate staff of the Ministry, its Agencies and all stakeholders on all government policies relating to their operations and activities.

• Formulate and communicate policies to all agencies under the Ministry and the relevant private stakeholder.

• Prepare the long-term legal policy, strategic plan and framework as an input into the National Development Plan.

• Institutionalize strategic planning and management in the Ministry and all its Agencies and ensure the implementation of a 5-year Strategic Plan for the Ministry and all its Agencies.

• Establish and compile a three-year rolling development programme of all activities of the Ministry and Agencies forming the backbone of the Medium-Term Expenditure Framework.

• Identify possibly sources of funding for all activities and programmes.

• Establish a portfolio of Ministerial projects with the view of addressing special inadequacies in the Urban and Rural areas.

• Supervise Donor Coordination in the planning, programming and implementation of Donor Supported Programmes.

• Prepare and submit annual programmes of activities relating to Policy and Planning for the ensuring year and associated financial budget with necessary justification not later than the end of 3rd quarter of each year.

• Collate and compile quarterly and annual reports of all activities and programmes relating to policy planning of the sector.

Budgets Unit

The Budget Unit of the Directorate prepares the composite budget for the Ministry and its Departments and Agencies.

• Allocates the approved budget between the Ministry and its Departments and Agencies and ensure proper allocation and use of the Ministry’s budget.

• Responds to Financial Audit observations made by auditors during the year.

• Offering financial advice to Management .

Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

The primary functions of the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit are top>

• Monitor and evaluate sector/sub-sector policy plans.

• Monitor and evaluate the projects and programmes implementation of the sector.

• Evaluate the impact of the policy outputs and outcomes on the national economy. The policy outputs, impact and outcome activities are carried out at three levels namely, sector plans, programmes and projects through data collection and analysis, and projects inspection.