General Administration

• The Directorate ensures the approval of personnel policies of the Ministry on employment, personnel records, training and welfare administration are translated into good management practices.

• The General Services Unit is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Ministry including store keeping, transport, secretarial, records management, security, estates management and client services.

The General Administration Directorate provides administrative, managerial, secretarial, logistical and maintenance services to ensure the attainment of organizational goals.

Finance Unit

• The Accounts Unit ensures effective financial transactions relating to revenue and expenditure management.

• Prompt processing of payment vouchers and the issue of cheques to Agencies, Contractors and Suppliers for service provided.

• Responds to Financial Audit observation made by auditors.


• Responds to Financial Audit observation made by auditors.

• Preparation of monthly and quarterly returns to the Controller & Accountant-General’s Department and the  Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning.

• Assisting in the preparation of the Annual Budget Estimates.

• Preparation of Quarterly Financial Management Reports and Annual Financial Reports.

• Offering financial advice to Management.

• Procurement and Supplies Unit.

• Establishing and implementing procurement procedures and guidelines for the Ministry and its Agencies in line  with national and international guidelines.

• Preparing, coordinating and monitoring the annual procurement plan for all services, goods and works  programmes of the Ministry and its agencies.

• Developing standards, rates and cost indicators for all programmes of the Ministry and its Agencies.

• Establishing and reviewing thresholds for procurement of services, goods and works of the agencies under the Ministry.

• Reviewing evaluation reports on engagement of consultants, Contractors and suppliers for the Ministry and its Agencies.

• Facilitating annual procurement audits of all processes and procedures of the Ministry and its Agencies.

• Organising Ministry’s Entity Tender Committee and Ministerial Tender Review Board meetings.