Public Prosecutions Division

The Public Prosecutions Division principally assists the Attorney-General in carrying out the Constitutional duty of initiating and conducting criminal prosecutions on behalf of the State as stipulated in Article 88. In practice, it is the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) who is responsible for Attorneys in this Division and supervises Criminal Prosecutions.

The Division also performs the following functions:

• Advises the Police on Criminal Law and their case dockets.
• Exercises general oversight over public prosecutors other than State Attorneys.
• Handles Criminal Law aspects of Constitutional Litigation in the Supreme Court;
• Prosecutes International Crimes through the conclusion of Mutual Cooperation and Assistance Agreements with various countries in collaboration with the Commonwealth Secretariat and UN Agencies.
• Formulates Penal Policy and initiates actions for Penal reforms.
• Liaises with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on matters relating to consular offences.
• Handles requests for extradition and private information on Criminal Law in the country.
• Advises the Attorney-General on applications for pardon to the President.
• Advises the Attorney-General on various petitions for redress.