Ghana signs deal with UK on Prisoner Transfers

Deputy Attorney-General (Ghana) signs a deal with the UK for the transfer of prisoners between the two countries. 

Citizens of Ghana or the United Kingdom (UK) who commit crimes in the other will serve sentences in their countries of origin.

The Deputy Minister for Justice and Attorney-General, Hon. Dominic Ayine (MP), who signed the agreement for Ghana, noted that Ghana is the first in within the West African sub-region to enter into bilateral agreement with the UK on the transfer of prisoners.

Under the agreement Ghanaian and UK prisoners can decide to be repatriated to continue their sentence in their home country. Except in the case where citizens of either country entered the other country illegally, the Prisoners Convicted Act 2007 gives discretion to the prisoner.

Hon. Ayine noted that the document will soon be laid before Parliament and expressed hoped that the process of ratification will be dealt with expeditiously.

The UK International Development Minister, Mr Shapps who signed the agreement with Ghana's Deputy Attorney-General on a visit to the country said removing foreign national offenders was a key priority for the British government. Mr. Shapps said, currently there are 96 Ghanaian nationals in British cells.