EU Delegation Calls on Chief Director

A European Union (EU) delegation has paid a working visit to the Chief Director of the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General’s Department (MoJAGD) Mr. Suleiman Ahmed.

The Governance advisor to the EU in Ghana, Mr. Sotirios Bazikamwe, addressing the Chief Director, said The EU Accountability, Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Programme (ARAP), are in the country to institute an anti-corruption programme.

The Governance Advisor to the EU, noted that the reforms that will border solely on anti-corruption, is in its formative stage. The programme will incorporate the concerns of selected institutions; which are, the Attorney General’s Department, Judiciary, EOCO, Parliamentary Committees, Police, Civil Societies and the media,

In view of this he said the delegation had called on the Chief Director to solicit his views for incorporation to support the envisaged reforms on anti-corruption in the delivery of Justice in Ghana.

The Chief Director said the Attorney General’s Department was already involved in a similar reform following a baseline survey conducted by the UNDP in 2012 on the Legal and Justice Sector. He explained that the reforms were to build capacity through training and further enhance the linkages between the selected institutions, Attorney General’s Department, Judicial Service, Police, Prisons and the Ministry of Interior.

He further suggested that possible areas of support could be in the provision of an e-library, hard and soft, prosecution especially when it came to the police as they are not trained lawyers. He also noted that a great deal of support was required in the area of judgement debts. He said judgement debts occur as a result unlawful termination of contracts where due process had not been followed and as such there was the need for training in that area. 

The ARAP programme will be implemented over a period of 56 months.