Change Management Strategy

The  Legal  and  Justice  Sector  Change  Management  (CM)  Strategy  is  based  on  best  practices which support technology-driven change.  The change management is essential:

  • to support adoption of the new solutions / reforms and
  • to  achieve  benefits  generated  by  the  reforms  and  process  transformation,  including implementation of new technology / software in case management.

The Legal and Justice Sector CM Strategy is a high-level document that outlines the approach to managing change throughout the reform program and for the transition to a steady state of operation. The strategy document is developed with consideration to management and cultural perspectives within the Legal and Justice Sector and other influencing factors that could impact change.

The primary beneficiaries of the CM Strategy are the Legal Aid Scheme, Ghana Police Service (Legal),  Economic  and  Organized  Crime  Office  (EOCO),  Ghana  Prisons  Service  (Legal  and Remand), Council for Law Reporting, Law Reform Commission, Ministry of Justice and Attorney General’s  Department (Legal  Service  Civil  Division,  Legal  Service  Legislative  Drafting  Division,

Legal Service Public Prosecution Division) and Judicial Service (Registry) and Legal and Justice Sector senior leadership.   Once approved, it can be made available for broader consumption based on the decisions of senior leadership.

The  change  management  plans  are  the  documents  that  will drive the  regular  activities of  the change  management  team  and  will  be  developed  in  accordance  with  the  CM  Strategy.    The essential tasks and activities derived from the change management plans are inserted into the Legal and Justice Sector Change Management plan and will run in parallel with other activities for the period of the project and also into the post-implementation review period.